Italian Minstrel

Italian Minstrel

Thursday, 6 September 2012

If this was a fabric...

We recently went to see the Olympics at the Olympic Park where we had a chance to enjoy the atmosphere and watch the games. It was a great day with a huge amount of things to do and see. 
One of the most wonderful aspects however was the landscaping and I thought I would share this photo of a bank of gorgeous plants all flowering together. The clever and stunning planting of large drifts of prairie and meadow flowers giving huge sweeps of colour which on a smaller scale might be viewed as gaudy. 

 All I kept thinking was, if this was a fabric...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Beautiful Victorian Bead-work

Beautiful Victorian Bead-work panel
Just a quick share of this elegant bead-work panel dating from the 19th C with beautiful leaves entwining lovely lifelike twigs, it really is the most delightful and intricate piece. The work involved is astounding! And a long panel too, with just the last piece at the bottom unfinished.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Beautiful Petit Point Work, c 1900 French - of course!

Beautiful petit point work, French c. 1900

This is a stunning piece of needlepoint, the whole of the centre piece is done in petit point, really close work, and that takes a huge amount of time and patience - as well as good eyesight. The colours are glorious, so summery with the sky blue background setting the flowers at their best almost like tropical butterflies. It is actually a cushion seat at the moment, and being worked in such small stitches it has no signs of wear at all, despite the age.

If you were to cost out the hours taken for a piece of this calibre you would pay hundreds of pounds for it, however that is not the way of the world and it is for sale for a lot less than that! It could be made into a different shaped cushion as there is plenty of background to work with. Gorgeous piece.

Below are roses flowering freely, you can see the old fashioned roses in the needlepoint design

Imagine this in your home!

Variegate di Bologna - inspiring roses!
Heady scent and vibrant colour of Duc de Guiche