Italian Minstrel

Italian Minstrel

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bells Pulls are on the up!

c 1920 Griffin Needlepoint Bell Pull
I have been able to source quite a number of different bell pulls in recent months, mostly in wool needlepoint, and some fine silk cross-stitch, all hand-made with bronze fitments and bells. These are becoming increasingly popular especially in the US - and I think it is because it evokes memories of times past, even though we all know there is not an iota of a chance of anyone coming running when the bell is pulled!

This Griffin rampant design is very classic, with lovely green and gold hues, with its heraldic style it appeals to both men and women, unlike some of the more typical floral designs that are commonly available. Apart from the sheer work it represents in terms of time, it looks perfect just to the side of the chimney breast, as though it was left from earlier days!

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